Science and Faith: One and the Same?

Let us assume that no cataclysm befalls man for the next several million years. We evolve over time and develop a physiognomy that allows us to live forever, so to speak. As we continue to evolve, so does our knowledge of the universe. Our scientific understanding becomes unbounded, so much so that we are eventually able to harness the very power to create existence itself. Our ability to accrue knowledge becomes so great that we manage to physically transform ourselves into an ethereal form that can create and destroy at will. Let’s say that all of humanity reaches the same level of super intelligence and collectively transforms itself into one super conscience. Humanity ceases to exist in anthropomorphic form and we exist as a single entity of super intelligence, a single form of super, collective consciousness that allows us to exist in any form conceivable.

We would, in effect, have acquired the power of gods, Prometheans who harnessed the fires of the universe. And if we hold Einstein’s theory of relativity to be true, then it is quite possible that this new existence of pure ethereal consciousness can be present at any point in the universe at any given time. This would mean that this super consciousness could travel through time and affect events in the past and future. It would not be limited to perceiving time in linear form, but rather all at once.

The super consciousness would also be endowed with enough knowledge to create and sustain existence, becoming the very God we believe to have created the universe itself. Just imagine a form of existence in which we can visit our former selves in the past. This is just wild speculation on my part. But this might be what God really is, humanity highly evolved to a point of a collective intelligence and consciousness that allows us to transcend our individual, corporeal selves into a single form, God, for a lack of better words. Hence science may well be what allows us to find God. Just think of us as raindrops returning to an ocean. We lose ourselves to become a part of something greater than the mere individual.



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