Should the Ravens Kick Themselves?

At first I gave Baltimore the benefit of the doubt when the franchise let go of Anquan Boldin. But now that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are gone I have completely reversed course and reached a fairly different conclusion. The Ravens are screwed this season. And this is all the more bizarre considering that Ozzie Newsome is the general manager.

Now with credit to his genius, I highly doubt that Joe Flacco’s rather obese contract, combined with the release of Ed Reed and Boldin, were decisions made by him. More than anything, I’m inclined to believe these decisions were made by the ownership instead of the general management staff. Granted this is all speculation. But based on what I’ve read about Newsome, all these moves seem rather uncharacteristic for a man who is, for all intents and purposes, a scouting and talent genius.

Again, I could probably be making a mountain out of molehill and maybe this is all part of a new grand strategy that Newsome has orchestrated to win more championships. He’s made moves that at first didn’t make sense before only, to have the results speak for themselves, as in maintaining an impressive playoff record and a Super Bowl to his credit.

Like I said, this is all conjecture. Nothing has been defined. But building a dynasty is a difficult endeavor, especially after winning the Big Game. Many teams have won only to end up in a decade long rut of lackluster performance afterwards. There are very few New Englands, San Franciscos, and Pittsburghs out there, franchises with a pedigree for winning championships. Could Baltimore be striving to join this club?


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